5 steps on how to choose the best babysitter

A Babysitter is important and to have to entrust the caring of your precious one in your life, your child, and finding the best one is always a problem. Here are five steps to do when looking for the best babysitter:

1. Ask your friends, relative, officemates and acquaintances for referrals – your friends know best especially when referring someone who has the ability to do child care.

2. Interview prospective babysitters – make sure you ask the right questions like who is their last employer, who referred them, do they have proper training and certification on CPR, and first aid. Do they smoke, drink and other habits which can cause negative effects to your child? What is their hourly rate?

3. Make sure that you choose a sitter who has experience with children with that age. Since this can determine the type of sitter that can handle your child if he or she is an infant, toddler or preschool age.

4. Discuss the new babysitter with your children as well as attitudes that they should expect. If your children are old enough, instruct them to tell you immediately if they are physically or verbally harmed by their sitter. If not, ask the help of your neighbor to watch over your house for any untoward behavior.

5. Be sure to discuss your expectations with your new sitter and be open about your feelings especially on negative behaviors toward your children.

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