About Pregnancy and Sun Exposure

Being pregnant lopregnancy and sunwers one’s immune system and if not watched carefully, it can lead to something lethal. Sunbathing for example can be bad for pregnancy. Here are some tips for staying cool even when under the sun:

1. Avoid the sun during the times of 10 am to 3pm at most. The hottest part of the day would often result to heat stroke and burns.
2. Don’t just use sunscreen, cover up as much as possible when out in the sun even in the shade. Use light, breathable and loose clothing to be comfortable while out in the sun.
3. Keep your baby bump under the shade as it is one of the sensitive parts of the skin you have. Keep out from the sun and wear maternity tankini.
4. To prevent wrinkles, wear a hat to cover your face from direct light. It can also prevent overheating and sunstroke.
5. Drink often to remain hydrated. Drinking iced tea or adding lemon juice to your water also works.
6. Lastly, take it easy and resist from going out in the hottest part of the day. Take the time to cool off and take a shower to freshen up.

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