Beach Wedding Dresses

Tips on Beach Wedding Clothing: What to Wear

beach wedding clothing

Whether you’re a guest, the bride, groom or any member of the family that would attend a Beach Wedding, wearing the right beach wedding clothes should be of the highest priority. Remember that these affairs are casual so wearing clothes that fit this affair should be properly planned. If you don’t have an idea on what to wear, then these simple tips might help.

1. Research on the location of the beach. If it is windy, then wearing soft, flowing dresses and loose hairstyle might pose a problem; instead choose a short, form-fitting dress which is more practical for the occasion;

2. If the location has no shade then it would be best to wear a wide brimmed hat to go with your attire to protect you from the heat of the sun;

3. Wearing flip flops or sandals that are in style is more convenient than wearing high-heeled ones;

4. Do not wear white dresses so as not to upstage the bride;

5. Try to avoid wearing black dresses if it is a daytime wedding, wear neutral colors instead;

6. Men can wear less formal suits in light or neutral colors while the ladies can coordinate their dress with flowers.

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