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Hair Parting – How to Flatter Your Face Shape

Parting your hair depending on your face shape will give you that fabulous look. It actually is one of the things that will make or break your appearance. Make sure that when you part your hair, you will use techniques according on what your face shape needs.

Here are some guidelines in parting your hair with different face shapes:

  1. Oval and long-shaped faces: it will be easy for this faces to choose what parting style they would need to use. Professional hairstylist suggests parting your hair in the middle. Not only will it equally divide your hair, but it will bring out your best facial features.

Natural and Organic Shampoo for Any Hair Type

Natural and organic shampoos are good for your hair and you can even help save the environment. Here are some of the best tips in choosing organic shampoos for any hair type.

1. Natural means fresh. – Since organic shampoos uses only natural ingredients, it will give your hair that wonderful fresh look.

2. Organic means toxin-free. – Organic and natural shampoos do not use any harsh chemical that may even damage your hair just what other regular shampoos do. Essential oils are then added to give your hair that fabulous glow.

Tips for Naturally Curly Hair

Tips for Naturally Curly Hair

Natural Curly Hairs CareMaintaining natural curly hair can be tedious as they can loose its luster with hair care products and if you do find naturally made products, they are very expensive. Here are some tips to properly take care your natural curly hair:

Repairing Damaged Hair at Home

Damaged hair is something many people would never want to have. This may be due to excessive hair treatments and hair styling products. But having a damaged hair is not the end of the world; there are some home remedies that you can do.

Here are some of the ideas that you can choose and use to treat your damaged hair.

1. Vitamin E is your best answer. – Vitamin E gives the vitamins and nutrients that your hair needs. You may put vitamin E capsules and combine them with your favorite shampoo. Make sure to melt these vitamin E capsules before combining them with your shampoo. This will give your hair the smoothness that you ever wanted.