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Clothes & Dresses for Weddings and Other Formal Occasions

Choosing Appropriate Clothes & Dresses for Weddings and Other Formal Occasions

Weddings are one formal affair that should be given proper consideration especially on the proper attire. Of course it depends on the time of the year, as well as the type of wedding and its location.

Here are some tips to help you on this area.

  1. When attending a wedding during the daytime or if its location is on a beach or garden, avoid wearing dark color suits and dresses. Also, wear clothes that are lightweight or in fabrics of cotton, and linen suits which are cool and comfortable during the day;

Women’s Tall Fashions & Long Legs – Do’s and Don’ts

When you look at models and beauty queens strutting their way on runways and beauty pageants; most people notice their long, lean, flawless legs. Women's Tall Fashions & Long LegsMany would say that whatever they wear, it seems all their clothes are made specifically for their body shape and height. If you are one of the tall-framed women who wonder how to look like a model or beauty queen with minimum effort, here are some best tall fashion tips you can take note of to strut your way to fabulous outfits and to boost your confidence.

Simple Steps to Making Custom Fit Alterations to Your Clothing

Often, clothes are made with a standard pattern. The gap between each size also follows a standard template. If you are one of the people who use in-between sizes; learning a thing or two about alterations and custom tailoring techniques may help your clothes look fit and perfect for your body’s contour.

Here are some simple steps to making custom fit alterations to your clothing to make it more beautiful for your body shape: