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Teeth Whitening Tips Online

teeth whitening tipsTeeth whitening tips online provide various information, from natural home treatments, do it yourself teeth whitening swabs and other over-the-counter teeth whiteners, to commercially available whitening strips as well as the expensive whitening trays and sophisticated laser whitening treatments dental clinics offer. Probably the safest are the natural home methods where teeth whitening products can be found in kitchen cupboards used for cooking or baking. If costs are to be considered, do it yourself whiteners that may be done at home are reasonable options. However, not every inexpensive do it yourself whitener is advisable.

Lose Baby Weight

losing baby weightLose Baby Weight like A Celebrity Mom

Being a new mother is a great responsibility for woman’s life. But it results into having baby weight. Here are some tips into losing that weight like a celebrity mother:


  1. Having a healthy diet and doing exercise is the foundation for losing extra pounds. There are a lot of diets out today, but keeping them is usually the difficult part. Learn how to cook healthy and ask someone to watch while doing the exercise.
  2. Breastfeed your child exclusively as research has proven that women lose a lot of weight when they breastfeed.

The Benefits of Freeze Drying Acai Berry

This fruit is `berry, berry’ good for your health. The benefits of freeze drying acai berry are so many but not many people know about these:

  • Acai berry does not only combat diseases but also provide the vitaAcai Berry Benefitsmins, minerals and antioxidants neded by the body.
  • The acai berry fruit contains fatty acids needed to keep cholesterol levels in check.
  • Acai berry also helps in proper digestion because of its high fiber content
  • Acai berry is a natural anti-depressant
  • Acai berry is packed with proteins

About Pregnancy and Sun Exposure

Being pregnant lopregnancy and sunwers one’s immune system and if not watched carefully, it can lead to something lethal. Sunbathing for example can be bad for pregnancy. Here are some tips for staying cool even when under the sun:

Teeth Whitening at Home

teeth whitening at homeTeeth whitening at home may be accomplished with simple domestic products that may be found in kitchen pantries. To begin with, make a paste by placing two or three teaspoonfuls of hydrogen peroxide into baking soda. Since measurements are not exact for this paste mixture, this may sometimes take time to achieve the right paste consistency. Some people add in a tinge of mint flavor or a small amount of the usual toothpaste. Brush the teeth using the mixture. Leave it on the teeth for at least two minutes for better results. Remember not to swallow the paste though. If preferred, you can brush again using regular toothpaste to eliminate undesired aftertaste of the teeth whitening paste mixture. Apparently, smokers and regular coffee drinkers make use of this mixture to eliminate teeth stains. This is supposed to have been used by people since the early days as a household remedy.