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How to Baby Massage

Massaging a baby can do wonders. It can calm him down, improve his sleep patterns and even help in his digestion. It is alsohow to massage a baby good for creating a deeper bond with it. Here are some great tips in preparing your baby for his massage.

1. Always time it when you are completely relaxed and private. Don’t massage your baby when he’s full or has an empty stomach.

2. Make sure you and your baby are comfortable. Lay your baby on his back and start massaging the front of your baby. The room should be warm as well and relax your baby by singing and talking to it.

Tips on How to Make Sure Your Children Eat Their Dinner

Dinner should be the most important meal in a family because this is the only time where everyone is present. This is the time where the family can have bonding moments and share their activities done throughout the day. Having the whole family gathered during dinner also ensures that children eat well. But making sure that they do indeed eat can be daunting especially when you have other things to do.

Here are some tips that you could use if you are in this situation.

Children and Bed wetting

stop bed wetting in childrenHow to stop bed wetting

Bed-wetting often resolves itself over time; it makes children uncomfortable and embarrassed about it. Parents must often reassure and support their kids.

Here are some tips to stop bedwetting in children

5 Tips for Successful Parenting

There is no success or failure in parenting, but giving the best and being a smart parent to your child which they will remember until they start their own family is important and should be every parent’s goal.

Here are five tips for successful parenting.

1. Discipline has to be imposed.
2. Acknowledge your child’s talents, skills, and achievements.
3. Walk your Talk and strive to give them the best example as parents.
4. Always talk to your children and maintain open communication.
5. Help them when they ask for your help.

5 steps on how to choose the best babysitter

A Babysitter is important and to have to entrust the caring of your precious one in your life, your child, and finding the best one is always a problem. Here are five steps to do when looking for the best babysitter:

1. Ask your friends, relative, officemates and acquaintances for referrals – your friends know best especially when referring someone who has the ability to do child care.

2. Interview prospective babysitters – make sure you ask the right questions like who is their last employer, who referred them, do they have proper training and certification on CPR, and first aid. Do they smoke, drink and other habits which can cause negative effects to your child? What is their hourly rate?

How to Overcome First Day of School Fears

Separation anxiety is most common for first time students. A school day of a kindergarten may also be a school day for parents or guardians for they have to stay at their child’s side for the rest of the day. How do parents overcome this first-day-of-school fear?

Being empathic to their children’s feelings should be the first move. It is advisable if parents and their kids visit the school before class starts. Parents should talk to her child and picture to him the scenario on what will happen on the first day. Make him understand that you are going to drop him off for school and pick him up after class. This way, your child will know the drop-off and pick-up place. Tearful goodbye is expected so parents should also be prepared on how to manage her child’s possible anxiety.

How to Dress Your Baby for the Summer

Babies have sensitive skin especially in hot seasons such as summer. Here are some tips to properly dress your baby for summer.

  1. Baby Summer ClothSelect clothes that are made in cotton. Cotton will allow the baby’s skin to breathe and is able to prevent a heat rash. It is also gentle in a baby’s skin
  2. Do not overdress the baby to prevent overheating. Use a onesie or a short-sleeved bodysuit without pants to keep him or her cool.
  3. Due to their sensitive skin, place sunscreen to your baby’s skin whenever you are outdoors. pay close attention to the face, scalp, neck, arms, legs and ears and put sunscreen on them.

Stress during Pregnancy

Stress during Pregnancy

How to Deal with Stress during Pregnancy

Stress can always be felt and often drive one nuts, even pregnant women. Stress would often result to miscarriage and even harm the fetus.

how to handle stress during pregnancy?

To prevent these, here are some tips in dealing with pregnancy stress:

  1. Get some alone time and take a breather. Relax as this would also relax the baby inside you.
  2. Doing yoga would not only tone the body, but also help in easier delivery. Practicing breathing techniques can help if you are experiencing panic attacks.

Beach Wedding Dresses

Tips on Beach Wedding Clothing: What to Wear

beach wedding clothing

Whether you’re a guest, the bride, groom or any member of the family that would attend a Beach Wedding, wearing the right beach wedding clothes should be of the highest priority. Remember that these affairs are casual so wearing clothes that fit this affair should be properly planned. If you don’t have an idea on what to wear, then these simple tips might help.

1. Research on the location of the beach. If it is windy, then wearing soft, flowing dresses and loose hairstyle might pose a problem; instead choose a short, form-fitting dress which is more practical for the occasion;

How to stop thumbsucking

5 Tips to Help Your Child Stop Thumb Sucking

Stop Thumb SuckingThumb sucking is already inherent in babies and this goes on until they age 6 months. This is a natural reflex for children, which happens when they are hungry, lonesome, scared, restless, and sleepy, but this will ultimately stop when they reach preschool age. However, there are children who kept this as a habit until they grow older which can cause teeth and speech problems as well as inferiority complex.


Here are five tips to help your child stop thumb sucking.