Children and Bed wetting

stop bed wetting in childrenHow to stop bed wetting

Bed-wetting often resolves itself over time; it makes children uncomfortable and embarrassed about it. Parents must often reassure and support their kids.

Here are some tips to stop bedwetting in children

1. Be honest, tell them what they did and tell them what happened. Assure to them that they did nothing wrong and it is completely normal.
2. Use waterproof mattresses and bedding so that the child would not feel uncomfortable as he sleeps. It also helps in cleaning up faster even in a rush. Keep a clean pair of clothes just in case.
3. Let them help you up as you clean the mess. This will give your children a sense of empowerment and self-esteem. Don’t force them if they want to and assure to them that it is not wrong.
4. Don’t let your child in drinking huge amounts of water before bedtime and encourage using the bathroom before sleeping.
5. Praise them if they manage a dry night and never punish them for it. Tell them it will pass eventually.

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