Cooking with Lemongrass

When preparing Thai food, lemongrass is a must. Ancooking with Lemongrassd the best way to get and prepare lemongrass is by following the simple steps below:

  • Visit a Thai or Asian grocery store and find the freshest lemongrass which should be among the other fresh produce. Usually, they’re in stalks of two or three.
  • Stay away from lemongrass stalks that are too loose, brown and crusty. This means that the lemongrass stalks are old and are stripped already of nutritious value.
  • The best lemongrass stalks are those that have a lemony-green shade close to the lower part of the stalk. The other side of the stalk should also be greenish.
  • For your recipes, the softer portion of the stalk should be your area of concern. The exterior leaves should be taken off to reveal the pale yellow stalk in the middle.
  • Cut the bottom part of the bulb about two inches of the stalk so that it does not get included in your dish.
  • Cut the lemongrass into little pieces and cut through the bottom part of the stalk. Stop right where it isn’t yellowish anymore.
  • Save the upper part of the stalk when preparing soups and curries.

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