Foods that Help Relieve Summer Heat

Foods that Help Relieve Summer HeatA person’s appetite during the hot summer months greatly plummets down so it is important to supplement the body with foods that help relieve summer heat.

People should pay close attention to their diet during summer, according to experts. And they should have a large intake of the following foods in your summer diet:


• Tea. Drinking warm tea during summer could reduce the body temperature by approximately one to two degrees compared to drinking cold drinks. It would probably surprise many to know that drinking warm tea during summer could instantly make you feel cool and refreshed. Warm tea easily quenches the summer thirst.

• Melons. Watermelon should top your summer list of must-have foods that help relieve summer heat. It is packed with Vitamins A and C which helps relieve summer heat. Another member of the melon family which is also good to relieve summer heat is cucumber.

• Soup. Sipping soup could supply enough water to the body and assists in the digestion and absorption processes. Sweet-sour plum soup, hawthord soup are the best summer soups.

• Porridge. Porridge is the easiest food to be absorbed and digested. It is excellent for the stomach and intestines which could be weakened during the hot summer months.

Needless to say, you should drink tons of water alongside foods that help relieve summer heat to prevent dehydration and heat stroke.

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