For Students: How to Manage Time Wisely

Most of you will agree that in school we consciously or unconsciously learn time management. It is actually a great avenue wherein we can practice time management between activities, priorities, or even love life. We now focus on students who we believe needs to manage most o their time wisely.

1. Setting goals and knowing your priorities is the first step. If you can write it down in a piece of paper it would be better.

2. Attend to those things that are time sensitive or urgent.

3. Assess on what time of the day you think you are most productive. During those times, do your school -related activities like studying, project making and researching. You will be surprised how much work you have accomplished.

4. Times in between classes are potential portions of the day to read a book, outline your notes, or prepare for the next class instead of just waiting.

But it is strongly suggested to include rest or break in your schedule, this way you can explore things outside your schedule.

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