Hair Parting – How to Flatter Your Face Shape

Parting your hair depending on your face shape will give you that fabulous look. It actually is one of the things that will make or break your appearance. Make sure that when you part your hair, you will use techniques according on what your face shape needs.

Here are some guidelines in parting your hair with different face shapes:

  1. Oval and long-shaped faces: it will be easy for this faces to choose what parting style they would need to use. Professional hairstylist suggests parting your hair in the middle. Not only will it equally divide your hair, but it will bring out your best facial features.
  2. Round-shaped faces: this type of face is best for using middle parting as well. It will add angles and needed length to your facial features. A somewhat side parting technique can also give you a fabulous look and will give your round face the balance it needs.
  3. Square-shaped faces: Diagonal and side parting techniques are best used for this kind of face shape. It will soften your sharp angles and will give you that fresh, wonderful look.
  4. Heart-shaped faces: Like square-shaped faces, diagonal and side parting is also best for you to compensate the wideness of your forehead and the narrowness of your chin.

The next best thing you need to add on your technique is the confidence and the attitude that will give you that fantastic results and will make you look glamorous as you flip your hair where people will notice your beautiful, perfectly styled hair. Stay beautiful!

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