Home Beauty Tips

Home Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty TipsHome Beauty Tips that could Save You a Lot of Money

You could look your best without breaking the bank by checking out home beauty tips that are available right inside your nest:


  • Use rose water as eye drops before you slip to dreamland and see how refreshed your eyes are when you wake up the following morning
  • Slices of cool cucumber would also help cool your eyes and remove its puffiness. Another great option: cotton pads soaked in cold milk
  • Chapped lips could get a boost when rubbed with a combination of petroleum jelly honey…
  • Or, you could use a ground mixture of rose petals and milk butter to treat your dried puckers
  • Ageing hands could be remedied with a piece of lemon which you should rub on your hands before washing
  • Combine bananas with honey and low fat milk for a drink to prevent hair loss
  • For extra glow on your hair, add two tablespoons of vinegar on your hair rinse

Look around your kitchen and you will discover a whole gamut of wonderful home beauty tips that would make you ravishing minus the expense.

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