How to Baby Massage

Massaging a baby can do wonders. It can calm him down, improve his sleep patterns and even help in his digestion. It is alsohow to massage a baby good for creating a deeper bond with it. Here are some great tips in preparing your baby for his massage.

1. Always time it when you are completely relaxed and private. Don’t massage your baby when he’s full or has an empty stomach.

2. Make sure you and your baby are comfortable. Lay your baby on his back and start massaging the front of your baby. The room should be warm as well and relax your baby by singing and talking to it.

3. Use massage oils like natural oil or vegetable oil with fragrance. Don’t use the oil, however on the head or the face. Use cornstarch for short massages.

4. Respect your baby’s space by asking permission, despite the fact he cannot answer you back. Always feel if his moods change. Short massages are good for newborns, but if he is over two months or so, giving long massages would be perfect.

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