How to Dress Your Baby for the Summer

Babies have sensitive skin especially in hot seasons such as summer. Here are some tips to properly dress your baby for summer.

  1. Baby Summer ClothSelect clothes that are made in cotton. Cotton will allow the baby’s skin to breathe and is able to prevent a heat rash. It is also gentle in a baby’s skin
  2. Do not overdress the baby to prevent overheating. Use a onesie or a short-sleeved bodysuit without pants to keep him or her cool.
  3. Due to their sensitive skin, place sunscreen to your baby’s skin whenever you are outdoors. pay close attention to the face, scalp, neck, arms, legs and ears and put sunscreen on them.
  4. Put on a hat or a bonnet that can also help in keeping her cool.
  5. Check the baby’s hands and feet regularly as babies can easily catch a cold. Always carry an extra pair just in case.

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