How to Overcome First Day of School Fears

Separation anxiety is most common for first time students. A school day of a kindergarten may also be a school day for parents or guardians for they have to stay at their child’s side for the rest of the day. How do parents overcome this first-day-of-school fear?

Being empathic to their children’s feelings should be the first move. It is advisable if parents and their kids visit the school before class starts. Parents should talk to her child and picture to him the scenario on what will happen on the first day. Make him understand that you are going to drop him off for school and pick him up after class. This way, your child will know the drop-off and pick-up place. Tearful goodbye is expected so parents should also be prepared on how to manage her child’s possible anxiety.

It would also help if parents can prepare a healthy lunch or snack. This way, your child can feel that even though you are away, you can still impart your caring making him feel secure.

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