How to Prepare For a Research Paper

Presentation of a research paper will turn out to be a success if planned ahead. Some points to remember in how to prepare for a research paper:

  • The initial step to prepare for a research paper is to select a topic or issue. Most of the time, teachers provide the topic to explore and me made into an extensively researched paper. However, if given the chance, select one that is of your interest. It is important that the researcher is very much involved and interested with his or her research.
  • Next is doing some preliminary readings about the topic at hand. During this early phase, light reading materials may be appropriate. Your objective is to have a broad impression on what you would like to explore about the topic. This is the stage of the research process where you delimit the subjects to be discussed in the paper.
  • Put together a thesis statement. Extract the key ideas, like two or three of them that solidly reinforce your paper and then produce an outline of your prospective research presentation.

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