How to Prepare French Toast

French toast is one of the breakfast meals you want to wake up to. It starts the daprepare french toasty right and makes you want to celebrate all day. It is sometimes referred to as the happy meal of breakfast. However some people think that is difficult to prepare a French toast. Below are useful tips on how to prepare French toast.

First is to gather all ingredients needed such as white bread, milk, eggs and sugar. In a bowl mix the eggs, milk and sugar according to your taste. After mixing all ingredients evenly, dunk every bread to the mixture. Make sure both sides have been fully covered. Then place the bread in the pan which has melted butter on. Cook the bread until you get the right color for a French toast which is golden brown. French toast is now ready to be served with maple syrup or cinnamon powder.

French toast now can be found in your daily menu as it can be done in a couple of minutes. It is a very easy recipe and elegant for a breakfast meal. It gives you the right energy to be able to start a day right.

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