Is Baking Soda Effective for Whitening Teeth?

Is baking soda effective for whitening teeth? Apparently yes, baking soda is effective for whitening teeth. Actually, this ingredient more than just lighten the color of teeth, it cleans them up effectively as well. Form earlier centurbaking soda for teeth whiteningies, it has been reported that baking soda has been in use as teeth cleaning substance. The way baking soda works when dispersed in water, it releases free radicals which infiltrate the enamel of the teeth and consequently whiten the discolorations to appear lighter in color. The baking soda scrapes off the stains that develop on the surface of the teeth. However, this substance must only be applied to lighten teeth discoloration twice in a month. Baking soda is quite a coarse product that can scratch and break the teeth when used too frequently. This product can also dissipate the function of adhesives in the mouth with braces or retainers, so avoid using baking soda to whiten teeth in these instances.

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