Professional Wedding Makeup Tips Apply a Look that Lasts

Today is your special day; your wedding day. After all the hustle and bustle, and even the dramas, that you have been through just to plan your dream wedding; you are now on one of your most awaited events in your life. Your face is the center of attention for all the people that will be attending your wedding celebration. Of course, you want to have perfect pictures for your wedding; pictures that you will share with your family, friends and your future children. For you to have these amazing pictures you need to look great all throughout your wedding celebration.

Here are some professional make-up tips that you can use to prevent horrendous make-up fiascoes:

1. Tools, tools and tools. – Whether you plan to do your make-up on your own or get a make-up artist for your wedding, it is always advisable for you to have the complete tools, make-ups, accessories and other beauty paraphernalia that you need to use.
2. Optimus Primer – Using the best primer will be one of the best tricks that you can use on your wedding make-up. Primers are like your magic make-up wand; they will help you to have that make-up on for hours. Keep in mind that when using them, apply it with a foundation brush – it will create a matte, clean and smooth finish.
3. Foundation invasion – After applying your handy-dandy primer, you now need to apply foundation. It will help you have that flawless look. Make sure that when use it, you will choose the foundation which is best for your skin type and tone. Apply loose powder afterwards to prevent having a shiny face.
4. Cheeky situation. – Next will be your blush. Make sure you will apply more blush than you usually wear so you won’t look pale. When using a bronzer; keep in mind that it will match your skin tone and type as well.
5. That’s a waterproof idea! – Waterproof eyeliner and mascara are going to be your best bet when it comes to eye make-ups. Not only it will last longer but it will also bring out the best in your eyes. You may want to minimize the use of black eyeliners so your eyes won’t look blunt.
6. Brows are not just facial accessories; they act as frames of your face. Better use a color that will match your hair color. Never forget in giving them the attention they needed.
7. Kiss me lips. – Your lips are one of the most noticeable features in pictures; so you may want to use natural colors to tone them down. Pick a shade of about two shades darker than your lips. Don’t forget to apply gloss to make them look radiantly beautiful.

The most important thing in your wedding is you feeling great. This is your wedding; this is your day. You should be your own princess. Good luck on your dream wedding. Best wishes!

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