Repairing Damaged Hair at Home

Damaged hair is something many people would never want to have. This may be due to excessive hair treatments and hair styling products. But having a damaged hair is not the end of the world; there are some home remedies that you can do.

Here are some of the ideas that you can choose and use to treat your damaged hair.

1. Vitamin E is your best answer. – Vitamin E gives the vitamins and nutrients that your hair needs. You may put vitamin E capsules and combine them with your favorite shampoo. Make sure to melt these vitamin E capsules before combining them with your shampoo. This will give your hair the smoothness that you ever wanted.

2. Deep conditioning is your best choice. – Over-the-counter deep conditioning products are available in the market and are good for damaged hair. Start by damping your hair and applying the product on your scalp down to the ends of your hair. When using this product, never use it with harsh shampoos for it will make your hair even drier. Choose shampoos that are mild for your hair. Leave-in conditioners are also one of the best solutions for damaged hair. Make sure to read reviews about these products first before buying them for you to choose the best products that your hair needs.

3. Home made products are your best alternatives. – using egg whites, mayonnaise and other natural ingredients can help you repair you damaged hair. You can check ingredients and procedures online on how to make your own “damaged-hair-be-gone” products.

Healthy hair reflects what you eat. The best tip in repairing damaged hair is to eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Give your body what it needs and your hair will follow. Love yourself and stay beautiful ladies!

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