Simple Steps to Making Custom Fit Alterations to Your Clothing

Often, clothes are made with a standard pattern. The gap between each size also follows a standard template. If you are one of the people who use in-between sizes; learning a thing or two about alterations and custom tailoring techniques may help your clothes look fit and perfect for your body’s contour.

Here are some simple steps to making custom fit alterations to your clothing to make it more beautiful for your body shape:

  1. Make sure you have all the necessary tools and equipments: Sewing tools like a simple needle and thread (should match the color of the clothes or should have the same color as the original thread used), dress maker’s marker (for marking lines), pins, scissors, sewing machine and iron cloth (to be used later). This will depend on what clothes you are going to work with.
  2. Measurement is your backbone in alterations. – Your measurement will be your foundation on how your clothes will look like after you alter them. Make sure to measure the part of your body, which will be your pattern in altering your clothes, correctly. You do not want to re-alter your garments or worst; you do not want to ruin your clothes, making it smaller than your real size.
  3. Fit the clothes for the first time. – It is better to try on your clothes and pin the parts that needs to be altered before doing some changes to make sure that you are going to cut or sew correctly the segments that needs to be changed.
  4. Pins, chalks and marks. – Using a dress maker’s marker (tailor’s chalk), carefully mark the places that are needed to be altered. Put pins on the lines to hold your alteration pattern in place.
  5. Sew your way down the end of the line. – Sew along the marked lines as you remove the pins you put earlier and alter the parts that are needed to be modified. Fit the garment again to make sure you followed the marked lines correctly and to know if the clothes really fit you after the first seam. If you are happy with the new fitting, sew the lines two to three times more to give it a solid seam.
  6. Iron. – use your damp iron cloth to remove the old sewing line.

For best results, it is better for you to learn a thing or two about pattern modifications and a few tailoring techniques to make the best out your clothes. Practice goes a long way and once you have the hang of it, you can alter your clothes and make them more “wearable” and it will fit your body nicely and perfectly. Good luck!

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