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Drink your Aloe Vera Juice Daily

If you wantaloe-vera-juice-with-orange-juice to taste something different, then squeezing a fresh aloe vera gives you a healthy freshness that you can substitute on your daily orange juice. With the aloe vera on hand you can produce an aloe vera juice within minutes, in your own home at your own time.

Five Aloe Vera Juice Recipes That Make You Feel Great

There are five recipes you can choose from to make an aloe vera juice. What you have to do is to pick an aloe vera plant and start cutting the thick fleshy leaves. Rinse the leaves and strip the outer layer of theAloe Vera Juice Recipe skin. Rinse the gel to remove the latex residue. Start to blend the gel and add some Vitamin C. Add purified water if it seems too thick to blend. Then you are through with the aloe vera gel which you can add to the aloe vera juice recipes.