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Indian Mehndi Designs

The tradition and culture of Indian still prevails with the application of mehndi to the different parts of their body. The beauty and elegance of this tradition is still alive and preserved because Indians still practice the application of it. It is a way of showing how artistic and creative Indians are. Hands, arms, legs, and feet are often decorated with this henna. But Indian mehndi design mostly cover the palm part of the hand. Mehndi artists are very patient when it comes to enticing the different patterns and henna designs. Some of the images that they used symbolize something. Among the traditional images they used are the peacock, which is the national bird of India, the lotus flower, a symbol of good luck and wishes, and an elephant with a raised trunk, which symbolizes prosperity.

Mehndi (Henna) Designs

You can choose among Indian mehndi, Pakistani mehndi, and Arabic mehndi. Their styles and designs are different from one another. It gained popularity all over the world because it looks captivating. It carabic indian pakistani mehndi designsan range from simple to complex designs depending on your choice and the occasion. Simple henna can be done easily and quickly. Some designs are nature inspired and floral design is the most common. Its traditional design is characterized by bold, simple circular shapes and lots of vines, swirls and lines.