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Mehndi for Hair

mehndi for hairAside from using mehndi or henna to decorate your hands and legs, it can also be used as a dye for your grey hair. It is a smart choice if you will substitute it to commercial hair colors that contain ingredients that can sometimes cause allergy unlike mehndi (henna) that has the property to cure skin irritation and rashes. It is a natural way of dyeing your hair and you can have the assurance that it is safe because it is made from purest and natural ingredient and you can create the paste by yourself. It also has benefit to your scalp and can make your hair healthier. It is also used to condition your hair after washing.

Dye Hairs by Henna

When you use henna to dye your hair, the color will vary depending on your natural hair color. It can last for a long time. The henna contains a red-orange dye molecule aHenna Hair Dyend this blends with your natural hair color. It also has the power to repair damage on your chemically treated hair. Also choose the quality henna because it is safer to apply.