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How To Remove Wallpaper Glue

Removing wallpaper glue on your wall is easy but you need some hard work to fully finish it.

remove wallpaper glue

1. You will need a very hot water that your hands can handle.
2. You will then pour a table spoon of liquid detergent soap on the hot water.
3. Make sure you put paper on the floor so that it will not get wet after this activity.
4. Using a sponge or a rag, you will scrub the wall with the solution and reach the area with glue. You try to remove all the glue in the wall. You do the scrubbing again and again until the glue is removed from the wall.
5. You will then rinse the whole wall using a sponge or a rag with a clean water to remove the soap you applied.
6. Dry the surface with a dry clean cloth or rag. Remove all the paper on the floor and the other things you used.