Teeth Whitening at Home

teeth whitening at homeTeeth whitening at home may be accomplished with simple domestic products that may be found in kitchen pantries. To begin with, make a paste by placing two or three teaspoonfuls of hydrogen peroxide into baking soda. Since measurements are not exact for this paste mixture, this may sometimes take time to achieve the right paste consistency. Some people add in a tinge of mint flavor or a small amount of the usual toothpaste. Brush the teeth using the mixture. Leave it on the teeth for at least two minutes for better results. Remember not to swallow the paste though. If preferred, you can brush again using regular toothpaste to eliminate undesired aftertaste of the teeth whitening paste mixture. Apparently, smokers and regular coffee drinkers make use of this mixture to eliminate teeth stains. This is supposed to have been used by people since the early days as a household remedy.

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