Tips for Better Sleep

how to get better sleep at night

How to get better sleep at night

In order to have a better sleep, you must understand that some guidelines will work and some are not. There is a variation for every person in terms of having a good night sleep. You must try the following tips and select the best way that will suite your sleeping problem.

1. Rid out all the stress obtained throughout the day
2. Have a period of relaxation like reading, stretching, a short hot bath or meditating before going to sleep
3. Make your bedroom conducive for sleeping
4. You can try having a glass of milk which contains a sleep-promoting substance called tryptophan.
5. Stop smoking because it will only keep you awake. Cigarette is a stimulant same thing as caffeine
6. Keep the pets out of bed because they can make you awake during the night
7. Taking naps will give you hard time falling asleep. Limit them to short naps.
8. Do not take alcohol before sleeping because it will cause disturbances while you are asleep

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