Tips for Naturally Curly Hair

Natural Curly Hairs CareMaintaining natural curly hair can be tedious as they can loose its luster with hair care products and if you do find naturally made products, they are very expensive. Here are some tips to properly take care your natural curly hair:

1. Stop using shampoos as they contain sodium lauryl sulfate that irritates the skin. It also removes natural moisture from the hair.
2. Shampoo using a little conditioner and rinse it properly. The amount of conditioner will depend on your hair length. Gently wash the scalp with it.
3. Stop combing and brushing your hair. Since you use a conditioner to clean your hair, the curls would fall out naturally and remain smooth.
4. Lessen or prevent the use of gels, wax or even frizz-free products as they take out the moisture and would leave your hair dry.
5. Get a hairstylist who can cut curly hair as curly hair has to be cut while it is dry.
6. Love your hair. Like clothes, the hair tells people who you are and if you love yourself.

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