Working during Pregnancy

working during pregnancyWomen today would often wish to still go to work even if they are pregnant. But since pregnancy is a delicate situation, precautions must be taken to ensure a normal delivery.

Here are some tips to work through your pregnancy

1. Reduce your stress as much as possible. Take time to rest and cut down some strenuous activities. Cut out the unnecessary tasks and do priorities.
2. Have some alone time after work and release all the stress accumulated in work. Once the baby is delivered, resting is almost impossible.
3. Stay comfortable by wearing or bringing layered clothes for hot and cold flashes. Clothing must also be loose and use flat shoes. Bring a pillow as well for back support.
4. Know your maternity leave benefits and how long you can apply for it. Plan ahead of time and fill up the necessary paperwork with your doctor.
5. Take extra care while working. Eat the right diet and drink a lot of fluids. Go to bed early and take extra naps on weekends. That way you will feel refreshed and recharged.

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